Fortune Foods is a processing unit situated at Dindori, Nashik, one of the most important area for the growing of fruits and vegetables in India.

The present management took over the unit in 1996. The company was set-up as a co-packing base for Tetra-Pak. Since then we have worked with reputed brands such as Godrej (on their Xs, Jumpin‘, Tomato Puree brands) and Parle (on their Frooti brand).

Presently, Fortune Foods is in a tie-up with Capital Foods to produce their products under brands such as Smith & Jones, Ching‘s Secret and Raji for Ketchups, Chinese Sauces and Cooking Pastes.

  • Approved by Hindustan Lever Ltd. for contract manufacturing for the processing of Tomato Paste and Tomato Ketchup together with Jam and Squashes under their brand Kissan.
  • During our stint with HLL, the unit processed and dispatched inexcess of 3500 tons of Ketchup, 1500 tons of Fruit Jams and 2200 tons of Fruit Squashes.
  • 350Mt of Rose Syrup was processed, packed and dispatched in 18 days for the Indian Army.




Management and staff that have experience in working with challenging targets and deadlines within strict quality parameters.


Fortune Foods is strategically located and an ideal site to process and serve foodstuff to the major markets in the region.


A well equipped plant with advanced infrastructure and processes that are required for quantity and quality processing and packaging.


Our work speaks for itself. Our roster of clients include Capital Foods, Rasna Beverages, Parle Agro, ITC, Dabur, HLL, Godrej Foods, Gini Herbs (USA), Cobra Beer (UK) among others


Our facility is capable of handing both the primary processing of fruits and vegetables as well as the secondary processing of condiments and RTS Drinks. We specialize in four processing areas:

  • Fruit Pulping & Concentration

    The unit has an advanced set-up for the processing and packing of Fruit Juice Pulps & Concentrates

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  • Fruit Pulp Based Beverage Processing Suitability

    The company has procesing suitability for both still and fruit drinks and was the first to handle warm fill.

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  • Tomato Ketchup Processing

    Among other products, our plant is specifically suitable for the processing of Tomato products

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  • Condiment Processing Line

    The unit has processing capabilities for Soy Sauce, Green/Red chilly sauce and Vinegar processing and packing.

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Fruit Pulping & Concentration

The unit has a most modern set-up for the processing and packing of Fruit Pulps & Concentrates. The Fruit is stored in ripening sheds. Local labors sort the good fruit manually for ripeness, etc. The sorted fruits are then passed through a Fruit washer where the fruit is washed with water jets and unloaded into a conveyer for visual inspection.

The fruit is passed through a fruit mill, Pre-heater and pulped through our heavy duty pulpers. The pulp is pumped into the Alfa Laval Concentrator. The product is then pasteurized by the Spira Flow and packed in 220Kg Aseptic Bag in Drum. The entire line is automated and thus requires minimal manual intervention.

Of late the company has also developed “Pomegranate Juice Concentrate? for the International Market. The juice is extracted through a special method whereby the seeds are not crushed. The gently squeezed juice is then clarified through special treatment of enzymes and centrifuge separator. The product is then vacuum concentrated and aseptically packed in bulk packaging.


Fruit Pulp Based Beverage Processing Suitability

The unit was the first unit to partner with Parle Agro to start warm fill. For the initial few months the company did trials and research on the processing of hot fill drinks, which was a novel concept in the Indian market. “Frooti� in pet bottles turned out to be huge success and had catapulted the volumes of Parle Agro.

We have an automatic processing line with sugar solution dissolving and filtration, drink blending, PHE, Homogenizer, jacketed holding tank, Monoblock rinse-fill-capping machine [HYMECH], Bottle Cooling, Coding, Shrink labeling machine.

We are fulfilling most of our demand for pet bottles with our own blowing station. Presently we have a PET blowing machine from SIDEL.


Tomato Ketchup Processing

The plant is particularly suitable for the processing of tomato products, therein Tomato Ketchup. The benefits which can be exploited are as follows:

Tomato - Hybrid tomato crop is available for more that 7-8 months in Nasik. Nasik is infact a high surplus producing area known to supply table variety tomatoes to the entire country. Tomato producing surplus areas fall within 100 kms radius of the plant.

As the primary tomato processing takes place in the same premises, there can be huge savings as aseptic packing is not required. It can be preserved in specially designed carboys.

Sugar - there are more than 3-4 sugar factories in the vicinity of the unit. The nearest sugar factory is only 15 Kms from the unit. This results in economies of freight, control of transportation losses and pilferage.

Bottle - Glass bottles can be developed at the Glass units situated around Nasik.


Condiment Processing Line

The unit has also all the facilities to manufacture and process all the various condiments -

Chilly Sauces -We are processing good volumes of Chilly sauces (Red/Green) for the domestic market from fresh chillies.

Soya Sauce -We are fully equipped to produce Soy sauce in mass scale. Currently we are processing for both the institutional and domestic market segment.

Other Condiments -We have sufficient infrastructure to develop and manufacture all types of condiments, chutneys etc.



product product product product product

Tomato Ketchup

Made from fresh ripe tomatoes and spices with minimal processing ... goodness packaged!


Chilli Sauces

Fresh Blanched Chillies cooked with flavoursome spices to add zing to any meals.


Fruit Beverages

All types of fruit beverages in Glass or PET, with the nutrients intact.


Soy Sauces

Made from natural soy to bring about the delicate aroma and taste.


Ginger Garlic Paste

Cooking made easy, nature’s flavours in a ready to use pouch.










Fortune Foods Ltd.

5, Gulshan Apartments Tigrania Corner New Mumbai-Agra Road Nashik - 422 011

Fortune Foods Ltd.

Taluka Dindori
Nashik District
Maharashtra - 422 202

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